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There are over 4 million people living in poverty in Australia and over 1,000,000 of this number are mature age people aged 55 and over. The poverty levels have fluctuated between 11.5% and 14.4% during the 1999/00 through to 2015/16 years. (Ref: ACOSS AND UNSW Sydney “POVERTY IN AUSTRALIA 2018” )

The Department of Social Services report that in May 2019, there were over 110,000 mature age people receiving a Newstart Allowance.  (Ref: DSS, March 2019, “Labour Market and Related Payments“)

A study conducted by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation), showed a strong link between education and poverty and found that if all adults received just two years more of education they could be lifted out of the poverty cycle. (Ref: UNESCO) 2019 “Right to Education”)

Education transforms lives!

Education provides individuals with the skills necessary to find work, secure a fair wage and lift themselves out of poverty. UNESCO found education helps promote inclusion and prevents marginalization of the individual. (Ref: UNESCO) 2019 “Right to Education”)

Transition @ 55 Scholarship Fund

Help us, help others through our Transition@55 Scholarship Fund. The Transition@55 Scholarship Fund will help mature age people aged 55 and over to continue their life long learning education pathway and gain new skills and knowledge needed to transition to a new career or job. We do this by offering financial support to assist with course fees or costs associated with studying at a Registered Training Organisation.

How you can help

Your donation to our Transition@55 Scholarship Fund will help a mature-age Australian person escape the poverty cycle. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.