Our mission

To help Australians in necessitous circumstances improve their educational and social potential.

You can do anything

Start learning today. Don't let short change hinder your dreams. Speak with one of our volunteer's to see how we can help.

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Founded in 2018, Australian Education Scholarship Fund is a small Australian charity focused on providing scholarships on the basis of equity and financial hardship to:

    • Young Australians (aged 15 to 25)
    • Australian women
    • Mature Aged Australians (Aged 55 and over)
    • People in necessitous circumstances

Achieving our mission

Providing financial aid for course fees at the Vocational Education and Training (VET) level; and

Providing financial aid for educational essentials, including living expenses, textbooks and equipment

Supporting students

Providing financial aid for incidental costs related to education and pastoral care.

This may include the costs of traveling to and from courses or living expenses to enable continued study.

Student Scholarships

We support students who are enrolled or seeking enrolment in an Australian RTO. Support can be

  • Course essentials
  • Course activities
  • Study essentials
  • Tuition costs
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Our Staff & Volunteers

We are always looking to build and strengthen our charitable works. Through our volunteer support, who kindly offer their professional skills we can build on our charitable work.

To find out how you can volunteer and provide your expertise please contact us.

  • Alexander Costa
  • Jacqueline Hodges
  • Helen Campbell
  • Chloe Phillips
  • Mickayla Hosking
  • Chantelle Hodges